2nd Public Workshop Shines Light on Calumet City Residents’ Likes and Desires.

Calumet City residents and officials combined forces at yesterday’s February 20th Public Workshop to determine development ideals as they move forward with planning their City’s future.

This community effort comes as part of Calumet City’s Comprehensive Plan, being led by Teska Associates, which kicked off in October 2013.

At this 2nd Public Workshop, Mike Hoffman, Vice President at Teska, presented all the work accomplished thus far.  The presentation was followed by community input, a Q & A session, and interactive image preference exercise, wherein participants were shown a variety of photos highlighting housing and development typologies then asked to react to such and relay their preferences.

As noted by Times Correspondent Gregory Tejeda in the article, “Firm, residents, officials discuss Cal City improvement plan” posted on February 20th, 2014:

“One of the things that separates this community from other area communities is that it has a nice mix of housing,” said Mike Hoffman of Teska, adding that the cost of homes fits into many price ranges.

The goal of Calumet City’s Comprehensive planning efforts is to leverage the community’s historical assets, vintage homes, and existing character to help spur economic development.