Who We Are

Teska was launched in Evanston, Illinois in 1975 by the man himself, Robert B. Teska. Famous for saying, “Good design is good business,” Bob Teska’s team of creative planners, designers and landscape architects has since grown and expanded, now with offices in both Evanston and Plainfield, IL.  With over 40 years experience, Teska is a leader in urban planning, landscape architecture, site design, economic development, and community engagement. We are solid believers in the power of the people, and by providing the right tools, we take interaction to the next level.

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APA-IL Community Outreach Award


APA-IL Community Outreach Award
APA-IL Danieal Burnham Award for Outstanding Comp Plan
APA-IL Sustainability Award


APA-IL Best Practice Award
Tri-County Fiscal Impact Calculator
APA-IL Implementation Plan Award
Near North Quality of Life Plan & Design Guidelines

APA-IL Strategic Plan Award
Prairie Grove Town Center & TOD Plan
APA-IL Best Practices Award
South Suburban Retail Investment Study

APA NC Marvin Collins Outstanding Planning Award
City of Greensboro 2010-2014 Plan for a Resilient Community

APA IL Sustainability Award
Sustainable Decatur Plan
APA IL Strategic Plan Award
Lombard Downtown Plan
APA IL Implementation Award
Smart Communities Chicago: Master Plan and Neighborhood Plan

APA IL Strategic Plan Award
Village of Montgomery Transit Oriented Development Plan / Park and Ride Study
APA IL Daniel Burnham Award
Village of Villa Park Comprehensive Plan

APA IL Award Strategic Plan
West Bloomington Neighborhood Plan

APA IL Silver Award Program, Project, Tool Category
Village of Olympia Fields: Retail Business Assessment, Marketing Strategy, and Site Development Action Plan
APA IL Silver Award Plan Category
Village of South Elgin: Village Center Master Plan

APA IL Plan Category
City of Marengo Comprehensive Plan