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Park board seeks feedback in Seneca

Summer is nearly here and the Village of Seneca, Illinois is planning for it. The Seneca Park and Recreation Board is looking for community feedback in developing a long range plan for their parks and recreation facilities.  In December, the board bought an additional 15.7…

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2nd Public Workshop Shines Light on Calumet City Residents’ Likes and Desires.

Calumet City residents and officials combined forces at yesterday’s February 20th Public Workshop to determine development ideals as they move forward with planning their City’s future. This community effort comes as part of Calumet City’s Comprehensive Plan, being led by Teska Associates, which kicked off…

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Glenbrook South expo inspires female students to pursue STEM careers

Teska Landscape Architect Jodi Mariano recently ventured back to her past stomping grounds at Glenbrook South High School to speak at the 28th annual “Careers for Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics” expo, also called STEM. As featured in the Sun-Times article below, the…

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The Talking Farm

Hoop houses, berry patches and nut trees oh my! All within the Village of Skokie.  When one first hears the word “Talking Farm” images of Old McDonald and Mister Ed (queue the peanut butter) are likely to spring to mind.  Alas, this 2 acre farm…

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Apache Park residents urged to band together for clout

There is no bigger strength in community planning than when a neighborhood and its residents are united in their efforts. A recent article in the Chicago Tribune (below) highlights such as part of “The Apache Park Neighborhood Plan” that Teska is leading.   Article by…

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