Altgeld Gardens Master Plan Released

Reconnecting Altgeld residents to the fabric of Chicago neighborhoods

Altgeld Gardens, a 169 acre public housing development in Chicago was first built in 1944 under a vision of a planned, garden community.  Located at 130th Street at I-94 on the Far South Side of Chicago, the development was partially rehabbed over the past decade, but needed a reinvigorated vision for the future, and most importantly, a public process that could build consensus around that vision.



Two residents were hired to work full time on site to lead outreach efforts and over 25 meetings reaching nearly 300 residents were held to involve residents and local organizations in the process.   The Master Plan will preserve 94% of housing units, or 1,857 units, and calls for the renovation and repurposing of public buildings for a new early childhood and adult education center and management and social services.

Linked through the extension of Ellis Avenue into a green boulevard with natural stormwater treatment to reduce flooding, the plan will reconnect Altgeld residents to the fabric of Chicago neighborhoods and take advantage of the planned extension of the CTA Red Line to 130 Street.  Construction is planned to begin in 2014.


Planning Team

Team led by Teska Associates, Inc. in association with

  • Axia Development, Inc.
  • Bondy Studio
  • Center for Neighborhood Technology
  • Brook Architecture, Inc.
  • Koo & Associates, LTD.
  • MacRostie Historic Advisors
  • Prism Engineering, Inc.
  • TNK Consulting
  • Valerie S. Kretchmer Associates, Inc.