Breakfast with Jodi | Annual breakfast aims to get girls interested in math, science at Glenbrook South High School

 By Lynne Stiefel | Sun-Times Media, Glenview Announcements

“When I told my family I was studying landscape architecture, they all thought it meant that I was going to be clipping topiary shrubs and making swans and teddy bears,” says Jodi Mariano.

Landscape architect Jodi Mariano is usually the only woman at a table with engineers, developers and architects for projects developed by Teska Associates of Evanston. “I do believe that as a woman I can provide, in the midst of a technical field, sort of a social, emotional component,” she told more than 200 Glenbrook South High School sophomore girls at a Friday breakfast celebrating women in science and math careers.

This is the 25th year for the breakfast, a telling milestone that bringing women and girls into science, technology, engineering and math fields remains a challenge. The breakfast is an effort by Glenbrook South’s science and math departments to explore potential career options in math and science. Sophomores who excel in their math and science classes are invited.

Mariano’s career grew from a childhood spent playing in houses under construction. Read more!