Chicago Neighborhoods 2015

Where do you go for maps of assets, recent plans, and data for every Chicago neighborhood?

Chicago Neighborhoods 2015!

This one stop shop of maps, narratives, and data for every neighborhood in Chicago brings a valuable and comprehensive tool to community organizations, elected and appointed officials and local businesses.

Hired by the Chicago Community Trust and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), Teska Associates was pleased to facilitate meetings and map assets for every neighborhood in Chicago.  An overview of recent planning efforts by the Metropolitan Planning Council as well as data compiled by the Institute for Housing Studies at DePaul University helped to coordinate the asset mapping.  This exciting endeavor got to the heart of neighborhood strengths in Chicago and will serve as a base reference for future planning efforts.


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Overview: Chicago Neighborhoods 2015


All across Chicago, in every section of this city, there are opportunities.

“This book is a snapshot of Chicago’s opportunities and assets as of early 2015. It tells the story of each of this city’s neighborhoods, identifying major recent investments, providing maps of assets, and summarizing ideas from recent plans and studies that might inform future development.”