Complete Streets project in Plainfield is on a roll…

Plainfield works on improving streets

Published: Monday, Sept. 8, 2014 | The Herald-News | By Vikaas Shanker


Residents on and near Meadow Lane concerned about speeding motorists may be seeing traffic calming measures in the near future as the village works on a streets improvement plan.Village officials said those residents can expect a survey on the traffic calming suggestions soon.

Meadow Lane was targeted by village officials and local consultant Teska Associates as a cornerstone example of the village’s Complete Street plan during a Village Board Committee of the Whole Meeting Monday.

“One of the big keys is to encourage traffic calming in areas where there are long and wide streets without a whole lot of traffic measures,” Director of Public Works Allen Persons said.

Traffic Calming Improvements

Teska Vice President Mike Hoffman said the plan includes pedestrian, bicycle and road traffic calming improvements.


The improvements include curb extensions to shorten crosswalk lengths and road width, traffic circles to slow traffic at dangerous intersections, different colored crosswalk striping to improve pedestrian safety and chicanes, or roadside extensions, to reduce road width and discourage speeding. The plan also calls for improvements along Main Street, Route 59 and intersections near the Downtown Historic District.

“Plainfield has already been doing a lot of elements of a complete street policy just by common practice,” Hoffman said, noting Van Dyke Road and other areas that fit into the Complete Street plan.

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