Evanston’s Fountain Square Visioning Program

What a treat to work in our own backyard…

Teska landscape architects and planners are working with the City of Evanston on the Fountain Square Visioning Program. Located in the heart of Downtown Evanston at Sherman Ave and Davis Street, Fountain Square is the historic and cultural center of Evanston and hosts a variety of community festivals and events.

The Visioning Program includes engaging outreach activities such as:

  • Comment Card Mailboxes posted in the square;
  • Idea ‘Tip Jars’ placed in surrounding businesses;
  • Instagram Hashtags; and
  • Children’s coloring page contest.

During the City’s Halloween and Harvest Events (Oct 25 – 27), Teska led a series of visioning activities that asked the community to provide their input about the future of Fountain Square Plaza. It was one of the last warm weekends and the community participated in the Children’s Coloring Tent, Big Maps exercise, and a Video/Sound Booth. Fountain Square Visioning is the theme for this year’s snowplow painting contest hosted by the City’s Public Works Department. Snowplows creatively designed and painted by local schools are on display at the Evanston Civic Center.

More information can be found at the City’s website below: