Glenview’s Midtown Square Approved

Architect: Fitzgerald Associates

Midtown Square, a 4-story, 149 unit mixed-use, transit-oriented development was approved by the Village of Glenview. The project, which includes 149 apartments tailored to empty-nesters and young professionals, and 8,900 square feet of retail space will transform nearly a full block of downtown Glenview and be located just east of the Metra Station and Glenview House Restuarant. The project will include redevelopment of the block to add mixed-use development, replacing a fire station and one to two-story commercial properties.

Teska Associates completed the fiscal analysis for Trammel Crow, the developer of the project , which showed a net increase of over $500,000 in property taxes to the Village, school districts, and other taxing districts. The new residents will also help revitalize the downtown, supporting local stores and businesses.

Photo Credit:  TrammellCrowCompany | CBRE