Goodbye Purple Hotel, Hello Shoppes at Lincoln Pointe

Plans for the property formerly known as the Purple Hotel receive unanimous approval by Lincolnwood Village Board.

Referred to as a “retail mecca”, ‘The Shoppes at Lincoln Pointe’ is a $130 million mixed use center set to open in 2 years.  Located at the corner of Lincoln and Touhy Avenue, the “Shoppes” will become home to the site that since 1960 had housed the iconic Purple Hotel.

Skokie-based North Capital Group, the company leading the development, teamed up with Teska Associates,  Antunovich Architects, and Spaceco Engineers to deliver a high energy plan that compliments the high-energy corridor the site is situated on.

Streetscape Features

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The interconnected streetscape design is the common thread linking together a series of open spaces to create for a lively outdoor walking experience.  Additionally, the outdoor amenity titled the ‘Village Commons’ may play host to live music, concerts and other performance opportunities.

Uses include retail and apparel shops, entertainment venues, gourmet grocery, Marriott Spring Hills Suites and offices.

“The grocer is of great interest to many people. It’s owned by a well-capitalized larger grocery chain and it’s a fraction of the price that Whole Foods charges.” – Neal Stein of Skokie-based North Capital Group

A Bit of History

With it’s debut opening back in 1960, Lincolnwood’s Purple Hotel (then referred to as the Hyatt House) was a community icon for obvious reasons:  It was purple.  The hotel’s color choice remains a disputed topic; an owner claimed it was intended to be dark blue and the purple was a manufacturing error, while the original architect claims that his clients had specifically chosen the purple bricks against his recommendation. In the 1990s the hotel changed ownership and was operated by Radisson and Ramada until it simply became known as the Purple Hotel in 2004.

In the News

“Shoppes at Lincoln Pointe move forward, traffic concerns addressed”
Lincolnwood Review Article |  Posted March 14th, 2014
By Natalie Hayes | For Sun-Times Media | @NatHayReporter

“Lincolnwood has so far welcomed with open arms plans for a $130 million retail mecca planned to open in two years on busy Lincoln and Touhy Avenues.  But some are questioning whether the tiny community is equipped to handle the resulting traffic increase.  Plans for the “Shoppes at Lincoln Pointe” development took a few small steps further during the Feb. 4 Village Board meeting, when traffic concerns were discussed again in detail.” Read more

“Purple Hotel Developers Seek Tax Increment Financing”
Lincolnwood Review Article |  Posted February 11th, 2014
By Natalie Hayes | For Sun-Times Media | @NatHayReporter

“Skokie-based North Capital Group, the company leading the development of a $130 million retail mecca planned to open in two years on busy Lincoln and Touhy Avenues, has asked the village to consider amending the boundaries of the Lincoln-Touhy TIF District to include the entire proposed redevelopment area.”  Read more