Highwood wins $20,000 grant for transit-oriented zoning rewrite

One of the key recommendations of the recently adopted Highwood Downtown Projects Guidebook is to update its zoning standards to permit a greater variety of uses and to improve the development processes to encourage new development around the downtown Metra station.

As the funding partner for the Downtown Projects Guidebook and an active member on the Steering Committee, the RTA continues to support Downtown Highwood’s economic potential through this implementation funding program that will allow Highwood to update its codes to remove barriers and facilitate new development.

This $20,000 grant from the RTA is also a strong indication of the City’s commitment to hit the ground running by translating the proposed recommendations in the guidebook to real projects that will enhance the vitality of Downtown Highwood.guidebook



Article in the Highland Park News

Karen A Berkowitz | Oct. 20, 2014

“The City of Highwood has received a $20,000 grant from the Regional Transportation Authority to help rewrite the municipal zoning code to align with the city’s recently adopted plan to encourage Transit-Oriented Development around the Metra train station.  During a presentation in August, Teska principal Konstantine Savoy said Highwood has the greatest potential to attract young professionals in their 20s and 30s of any North Shore community north of Evanston…”

“The guidebook identified 10 short-term opportunity sites viewed as ripe for redevelopment because they are vacant,  for sale or have potential to jump-start a wave of change in the downtown area.”

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