Keeping Industry Thriving in the Chicago Stockyards

Industry and food product processing is thriving in the Chicago Stockyards!

South Chicago Packing LLC, with roots dating back to 1896 in the Stockyards as a part of The Miniat Companies, asked Teska to help evaluate their options for fiscal incentives to enable an expansion of operations.  Due to rail infrastructure, the central location in Chicago, and the investment that the company has made over the years, the company had an opportunity to double its production of oil-based products based on improved market conditions.



Chicago stockyards 1901 Sanborn | Wikimedia

On April 15, 2015, the Chicago City Council approved a Cook County 6b property tax incentive which will provide $641,000 in tax savings through a twelve year period to expand the labor force from 85 to at least 100 workers.  

South Chicago Packing LLC is now in the process of improving the infrastructure and renovating the facility as part of a $23 million expansion, retention of 85 jobs, and creation of 15 new skilled jobs.