Oak Lawn Photobooth A Success

The Oak Lawn community has a lot to say when it comes to the future of 95th Street.

As part of the 95th Street Corridor Study funded by CMAP, Teska participated in Oak Lawn’s “Fall on the Green” Event on Saturday, September 7, 2013.  This event, held every year on Dumke Drive nearby to Village Hall, includes live music, activities, food and crafts. Teska planners organized a “photobooth” activity in which participants were invited to provide their comments about the future of 95th Street in Oak Lawn.


oaklawn2.jpgParticipants wrote their recommendation on a tablet size chalkboard and posed for a photo with their comment.  Desires for a riverwalk, craft brewery, more ethnic restaurants, and medians with U-turns at intersections were among some of the ideas shared… oh and let’s not forget the idea of “Monkey Business” submitted by one little Oak Lawn resident.  Visit Oak Lawn’s Project Website and Facebook Page to follow along and learn more!