Pace North Avenue Corridor Plan readies for for roll-out!

Working in conjunction with a team comprised of transportation planners, engineers and economic analysts, Teska urban designers are currently working on the final stage of the North Avenue Corridor Study, a project designed to improve public transit efficiency and connectivity along the busy corridor.

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Funded by the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) the project includes collaboration with nine corridor communities between Harlem Avenue and York Street.

“We’re focusing on a major arterial that has lots of opportunities for us.” says Doug Sullivan, Director of Marketing for Pace, “We would love to do this kind of evaluation, these sort of infrastructure improvements on all the roadways we operate on.”

The study addresses pedestrian access issues, transit connections, traffic conditions and opportunities for economic development. Pedestrian areas regarded as “hot spots” include upgraded facilities, interconnected sidewalks, bus shelters, signage, landscaping and lighting, and greater bicycle opportunities, with improved crossings at signals and improved signage markings.

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