Park board seeks feedback in Seneca

Summer is nearly here and the Village of Seneca, Illinois is planning for it.

The Seneca Park and Recreation Board is looking for community feedback in developing a long range plan for their parks and recreation facilities.  In December, the board bought an additional 15.7 acres of land for which Teska is providing master planning and design services.  The plan will also cover the future use of Crotty Park and the LST Boat Launch on the north side of the Illinois River.

The park’s location near the downtown and along the I&M Canal Trail make it an excellent location to meet future park and recreational needs of Seneca residents. Seneca also hosts three marinas on the south side of the River. With the Illinois and Michigan Canal running through the center of the city’s downtown area, Seneca is rich with history.

Provide your input today!  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey so that we can understand what facilities would best meet the needs of your family. Click the link below to get started; the survey is also available at the Seneca library and on the village’s web site until March 25.


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