Erin Cigliano, AICP – Senior Associate + Designer

Strategic planner and multidisciplinary designer with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. Since joining Teska in 2005, Erin has been creatively engaging communities using her experience in planning, marketing and interactive design. Her abilities span from information design and data visualization to marketing, online outreach, in-person workshop facilitation, and mindmapping.  By merging the application of engagement mediums with creative thinking, Erin is able to effectively build project momentum, optimize outreach efforts and convey information and plans in a way that is enticing and readily understood.

Recent planning experience includes the Imagine Dubuque Comprehensive Plan, Wicker Park Bucktown Master Plan, Winnetka Downtown Plan and Historic West Des Moines Master Plan. Erin has led the facilitation of numerous planning and neighborhood seminars, including the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD) in Minneapolis, MN, which encompasses 45+ non-profit community development organizations. Mrs. Cigliano has also served as the consultant planner for the Village of Deer Park since 2008, providing on-going development review services.

Erin’s diverse abilities bring documents ‘start to finish’, grounded in the basics of solid planning and community engagement, and brought to life via dynamic visuals and graphic storytelling.


Recent Projects

Imagine Dubuque Comprehensive Plan | APA-IA Outreach Award
Lead planner, outreach specialist, and designer

Wicker Park Bucktown Master PlanAPA-IL Outreach Award
Lead planner, outreach specialist, and designer

Wicker Park Bucktown Annual Report
Lead designer

Winnetka Downtown Master Plan
Lead planner, outreach specialist, and designer

Historic West Des Moines Master Plan
Outreach specialist and designer

Professional Affiliations
AIGA | The Professional Association of Design
APA | American Planning Association
Wabash Lights Advisory Board