Lacey Carlson – Associate

Ms. Carlson joined Teska in the fall of 2017.  Her background has been primarily residential, and she has experience with suburban and large estate design.  She gained a strong horticultural base while working at Craig Bergmann Landscape Design where she learned about creating lush and intricate planting designs.  Lacey is a passionate person and she is eager to learn about anything and everything, both within the field of landscape architecture and outside of it.  Within the field she is interested in green systems, streetscape design, urban design, park design, and art in the landscape.

She graduated from Purdue University with her Bachelors in Landscape Architecture and a minor in Studio Fine Arts in 2014.  She is an active member of the Illinois Chapter of the ASLA and enjoys volunteering for events and advocacy opportunities.  She has a strong love for history and believes the preservation of historic landscapes and architecture is very important.