Nicole Ponath – Associate

Ms. Ponath joined Teska after completing her undergraduate and graduate degree at the University of Minnesota. Through her studies and work experience, Nicole gained interest in waterfront design, learning environments, urban design, and planting design.

Nicole brings the ability to think about design at a large contextual scale down to the details of material interactions and planting schemes. She enjoys thinking about planting design through color, texture, and seasonal changes in order to make a large impact on any project. Nicole has been drawing since she was a child and still likes to incorporate sketching and watercolor into graphics. In addition to hand graphics, Nicole is fluent in AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suites, Sketchup, and Rhino. The combination of these programs and skills allow her to build perspective renderings to help clients visualize spaces.

During summers in Minneapolis, Nicole worked with Phillips Garden, a residential design/build firm focused on creating beautiful spaces through planting design.

She was in charge of projects from the initial client meeting to overseeing final construction. Nicole worked on projects ranging from simple garden renovations to large projects featuring complicated hardscapes, water features, and major planting designs.

Since joining Teska, Nicole has become involved with projects such as the North Avenue Corridor Redevelopment project, Northwestern University, and the Downtown Evanston Planter Enhancement.