Todd Vanadilok, AICP – Senior Associate

Joining Teska in 2001, Todd has built up a diverse background in planning and design that cover different community and project types. From the regional and county levels to the municipal and neighborhood scales, he is able to adapt his experience to any community, regardless of type, size, needs, and expectations. He is a strong proponent of advancing Teska’s hallmark trait of integrating community engagement into every project to ensure public interaction, education, and support.

Having worked on almost every planning project type handled by Teska, he is able to participate in a variety of projects, including standard community planning projects like comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances, as well as more specific projects like special area plans and economic development studies. In addition, Todd has played a significant role in building up Teska’s community development practice, having worked on initiatives with LISC/Chicago, Habitat for Humanity, and other neighborhood-based organizations.

Todd is also an advocate for creating appropriate planning and design graphics to clearly communicate ideas and ensure sound decision making by communities and organizations.