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FINAL PLAN DOCUMENT | POSTED September 16th, 2011 :

Western Springs Downtown Plan - Full Document Download | 17MB
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11X17 Graphic Exhibits | 14MB

Executive Summary
Chapter 1 - Introduction | 3MB
Chapter 2 - Vision and Concept Plan | 15MB
Chapter 3 - Design Guidelines | 12MB
Chapter 4 - Implementation Plan | 4MB
Appendix |15MB


Comparison of the 2011 Downtown Redevelopment Plan with the 2003 Land Use Plan | 6.28.11
Public Hearing Response | 5.25.11
Revised Action Plan | 5.25.11

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Western Springs in Chicago's 'Top 20 Neighborhoods' | Chicago Magazine, April 2010
"Western Springs has maintained its appeal as a tranquil hometown. Set back from tree-shaded streets on deep front lawns, its homes represent all eras from the late 1800s to today. Boosting the area's allure even more, are the easy commute and serene trails and trees."

Public gives direction on future of downtown | By Jane Michaels
"A book store, gift and card shop and a specialty prepared foods store topped the list of prospective businesses Western Springs residents would patronize in their downtown, according to a survey from December. Results of the survey were presented Jan. 13 at the first of three community meetings to gather input on crafting a downtown redevelopment plan, guided by Teska Associates, Inc., consultants based in Plainfield and Evanston." (Read Full Article)


Plan-It-Toy Exercise| April 8th, 2010
Streetscape Exercise | April 8th, 2010


Survey Summary Report | March 29th, 2010


Existing Conditions Report | March 8th, 2010
Planning Issues Map | March 8th, 2010
Urban Design Issues Map | March 8th, 2010
Downtown Parking | March 8th, 2010
Weekday Midday Parking Occupancies | March 8th, 2010
Appendix A Survey Summary | March 8th, 2010
Appendix B Transportation Info | March 8th, 2010


Draft Survey Analysis | March 1st, 2010
Downtown Community Workshop #1 - Presentation | January 13th, 2010
Downtown Community Tour Guide | January 8th, 2010
Winter Newsletter | "Be Part of the Vision | Participate in the Downtown Plan!"
Teska Associates took up temporary working residence at 823 Burlington Wednesday February 3rd through Saturday the 6th to chat and share your thoughts and ideas. View Poster


Urban Design Issues Map
Planning Issues Map
Workshop #1: Architectural Elements
Workshop #1: Building Height
Workshop #1: Streetscape Features
Workshop #1: Transportation

DISCLAIMER: The concepts and ideas shown here are subject to change before the Plan is approved. Please feel free to call Martin Scott, Director of Community Development, at 708/246-1800, ext. 175. It is anticipated that the Village will conduct a public hearing and approve a plan sometime this fall.  If should also be noted that this is a long-range plan, and funding is not currently available for many of the ideas put forth in these draft documents.  An implementation plan will be including which will address funding options, and will likely promote funding from multiple sources including improvement by private property owners and developers, grants, and potential limited municipal assistance. The Village currently does have a grant to move forward with certain improvements to the Metra platform.  However, funding is not currently available for most other suggestions. 

In cases where redevelopment options are suggested, we want to be very clear that the Village will not be redeveloping anything.  If redevelopment is to occur, it will be driven by property owners and developers.  By showing redevelopment options, the Village is merely suggesting that they would consider redevelopment a positive for the community, and would work with the private sector to create improvements that benefit both the property owner and the community as a whole.